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2010-12-01 19:43:03 by GrantBowtie

Been having some major computer problems. I might have a virus idk I'm not a computer person. Anyways don't expect anything from me for a little while until I get everything sorted out.


New song

2010-11-22 19:55:12 by GrantBowtie

Hey all you people who waste their time reading this! I recently posted a new song "Super Fun 2" I had so much fun making it and everyone should go check it out and not zero-bomb it. I enjoy all you messages and I'm always open for collaborations so everyone go check out my stuff!

Thanks for the support

New song


2010-11-19 21:54:54 by GrantBowtie

Yes a black Friday sale at guitar center!!!! If only I hadn't spent all my money!!!!


The inspiration to create something new is running on an all time low right now so don't expect me to be submitting song after song.

My new song "Frenzy" is my favorite I've submitted so far so everyone go check it out (and all my other stuff as well)

Thanks for the support!


2010-10-07 16:36:44 by GrantBowtie

I'm going to start posting as many beats as I can on this profile. Anyone is welcome to use one as long as you ask me first and give me partial credit. Hit me up if you have any questions or or want to do a collab. Awesome thanks!