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2013-02-02 16:13:26 by GrantBowtie

I'm phasing out the name "MainStreamBeats" (ya I know what you're thinking - I was younger and greener when I picked that one)
FOLLOW ME ON SOUNDCLOUD: (changed my link which used to be
All my other links are there, and if you're interested in buying some of my tracks without the voice tags, go to
And my YouTube: see "Favorites" for more than 190 great videos made by other people using my music -

For collaborations and to use my stuff pm me!



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2013-02-02 18:23:01

I left your new name in my video tags. Hope you don't mine! :)

GrantBowtie responds:

Sure, thanks.


2013-02-02 18:50:36

*I meant 'mind'. Wrote that in a hurry.
Staying tuned for new tunes.


2013-02-07 18:32:47

Lol, finally. The old name was kinda embarrassing to have in my library, even if the music was good xP

GrantBowtie responds:

Ya, just wish I could change it here on Newgrounds