2011-07-07 10:59:11 by GrantBowtie

If anyone is up for a collab, whether it's working on a beat together or rapping, pm me
For any business inquiries please contact bristlestorm@yahoo.com
To purchase certain beats I have accounts at myFlashStore:
http://www.myflashstore.net/profile/10 175grant-bowtie and at Soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/defaul t.cfm?bandID=1184050&content=music
I also have a soundcloud:

I have another newgrounds account for some of my other music:
http://flightpattern.newgrounds.com/au dio/


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2011-07-07 13:53:37

Check the collaboration or audio forum if you want to work in a collab or something, Im sure youll be able to find somebody wanting to work with you there.


2011-08-06 20:54:43

I'll Do a collab! I am alright... not as good as you, but I have some nice MASSIVE presets I have made...


2011-10-10 23:00:39

were u the guy that made the sift heads ultimatum intro song which i downloaded?

GrantBowtie responds:

If you're talking about the song frenzy then yes